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    Standard Cwalk Guide by Aidann


    Standard Cwalk Guide by Aidann

    Post by LilTeK on Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:02 pm

    What necessary steps should I take to develope my walk?

    Step 1:
    Begin by learning the basic moves such as: The V, V StepBack, V Variations, Shuffle & Heel-Toe
    The purpose would be to get a good beginners feeling for what cwalking in general co-operates.
    After learning the basic steps, I suggest you begin to learn the advanced moves such as:
    Snake Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe Combo, X-Hope V2 & many more. This is to get a clean sweep for all cwalk moves and to aviod future confusion.

    Step 2:
    Learn the transitions; this is self explanatory so no need for a detailed description.
    But, transitions help to keep one's walk smooth, and flow.

    Step 3:
    Learning to Beatride; is often one of the hardest steps, but many achieve near perfect beatriding or lyric riding by just starting with slow songs so the walker learns to hit easy claps and beats. Gradually increase song speed until you reach a suitable pace to cwalk to, and best suits ur style.

    Step 4:
    Learning the factors; to achieve near perfect walk, one must learn to appeal to views by keeping their walks clean, well executed, entertaining, and smooth. I can't really suggest any feedback to how one can achieve this other than practice. Maybe watch videos to get ideas of how the person executed their moves while keeping it clean.

    Step 5:
    Style; please refer to pinned topic in "Cwalk Talk"
    This is probably the most important factor, but maybe easiest. A true walker wondering around to find a style that is unique and well suited to their feeling and what they see as a good walk. Some many consider speed the most important factor or just execution.. . what ever your decision many be, my suggestion would be to chose a factor and make ur definition of it. Make it your, make it unique.. make it impressive, make it real.

    Step 6:
    Battle; learn from the judges, and test your skillz before going for your goal.
    Many walkerz jump to the conclusion that they are better than others when they clearly aren't
    Battle other walkerz to see where you stand as a cwalker in this community, test ur limits & break boundaries.

    That concludes Aidann's 6 Step C-Walk Guide to a true walker.

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