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    Cwalk Teminology by Aidann/HmongC


    Cwalk Teminology by Aidann/HmongC

    Post by LilTeK on Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:04 pm

    Its your own little dictionary... well just on a topic.
    Knowing the terminology of cwalkers is just as much an important part of cwalking as knowing basic moves. With this info you'll be better at understanding advice given by other cwalkers like yourself. Its mainly the things people criticize and express about cwalking that might mean something different from what it'd be normally in the real world. Its a lot to read, but its got useful tips and basic facts in there. Skip around to what you don't know...& If you think you know it all and more, suggest what else could be added for the welfare of other cwalkers.

    So when you receive feedback from people and they said the following you know it means:

    Sloppy- Means any of the following
    You didn't do moves properly
    Your feet seemed to stumble over each other
    You seem to lack control of your feet (Similar to stumbling)
    Your feet would be all over the place and seem out of place

    Clean- The opposite of sloppy. You do your moves correctly. It looks right like you meant to do it that way.

    Speed- Means the speed you cwalk at. Rather fast, decent paced or slow. Clown walkers are typically fast or at a decent pace.
    Crowners or Crip walkers are usually slower, but they have cleaner walks to make up for it.
    When your fast they may compare you to the original speed walker Viet Jr.
    Speed can make a walk look impressive, but it loses its glam if you can't keep up that energy consistently till the end of your video.

    Energy- Means how much you seem to be putting into your walk. It kinda goes off speed. Usually faster walks are considered to have more energy. And if you seem to have a really slow walk, you may be advised to put more energy in rather than told to speed up. If your walk isn't really fast but you make an impact when you do certain moves, and do a variety of moves you can show energy like that. It isn't completely about speed but about overall how well your performance was.
    More energy = better walk. Chill relax energy = okay walk with some exceptions.

    Transitions- Transitions is going from one move to another such as V to shuffle to heel toe. With transition moves/combos you can smoothen your walk and make it appear cleaner.
    Transitions can be described as...
    Smooth - Went from one move to another nicely
    Choppy - Went from one move to another with some sloppiness such as stumbling or feet out of place.

    Flow- Good flow is when you're consistently cwalking without stopping unless intended (stops for beatride). Your flow is affected by how well you do transitions and maintain a constant speed. It can also depend on energy. If your energy dies at the end of your vid, they may say your flow died on the end because you slowed/died down. Flow is one of the things your walk should have to be considered good. If you don't have good flow your walk isn't going to be looked at as highly.

    Pause- Means a stop in your cwalking. Rather you did it on purpose to beatride a song, or it was a mistake that killed your flow. If you do pause its best to jump back in with the same energy as before, and it could possibly look intended. But if you fail to continue to cwalk with good flow the pause would be looked down on.

    Beat riding - Means when you cwalk you follow the beat of the song.
    Lyric riding- Means when you cwalk you follow the words or sound effects played in the song.
    On beat- When your steps follows the claps and/or rhythm of the beat
    Off beat- When your steps aren't made at the same time as the beat

    Repetitive- Also referred to as "rep". When you do the same or similar moves or combos over.

    Wow Moves- Means the moves you do that are considered original and would make someone watching go "WOW!"

    Style- Means the unique characteristic your walk should have of that would set you apart you from other walks.

    Bounce- Means the momentum you show when going from one more to another. Good bounce helps with transitions, & can be more entertaining. Usually requires more energy. It can make you walk look more interesting then if it were grounded. Clowners have great bounce usually, while crowners and crips are usually grounded. Moves such as heel toe and x-hop bring bounce into a walk while v's are more grounded.

    Variations- Means a different move that would bring variety into your walk, usually v-variations. V's can be changed in so many ways where it still looks like a v or moves off or onto the v move. Like a v-step back or one legged v. Everyone has there own set of v-variations that are used instead of just a basic v going side to side. The more original "varies" the better, and they make up great combos.

    Arm Control- Means the movement or control of your arms when cwalking. Not nearly as important as what your feet do, but can impact the overall performance of your walk. Most cwalkers are too busy with their feet so their arms could look dead. Some don't have control of their arms and its flying everywhere while cwalking. Good cwalkers find themselves in the middle with some arm movement but not so much its distracting.
    Great cwalkers incoporate their arms so that they're somewhate coordinated with their feet at least in some parts of their walk. Its isn't necessary to do it, but it shows skill when your walk is good and you can handle arm moves too.

    Forced- Means you're doing a move with force and it looks uncomfortable. It can hurt the entertainment of appeal of your walk & make your flow look choppy. Relax a bit more, maybe tone down the amount of energy or speed you put in and it can look smoother.

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