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    General Cwalker Tips by Aidann/HmongC


    General Cwalker Tips by Aidann/HmongC

    Post by LilTeK on Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:04 pm

    This is the big one. The big guide on almost everything you need to know in order to make your videos BEAST.
    Mostly basic stuff that would be useful for those that are new to cwalking.
    If you're a more experienced walker, you'll probably won't need this.
    But maybe check the editing tips, because people tend to make those mistakes.
    This thread is open to everyone. If you want to add new tips, post up in the thread and it'll be added.

    Other Recommended Guides (This will all help you understand cwalking)
    - The Cwalk F.A.Q.
    - Cwalk Differences [Crip, Crown & Clown]
    - Complete List Of Cwalk Moves
    - Cwalk Terminology
    - Cwalk Shoes Guide- How to Beatride/Lyricride

    Cwalk Development
    - Start off by learning the basics. Such as the V then move on to other basic cwalk moves such shuffle, x hop and heel toe.
    Check the complete list of cwalk moves for more.
    - Move onto variations. Practice, & keep practicing until you can easily get basics first. Then move onto this.
    Variations are harder more complicated versions of the basic cwalk moves that help add more variety in your walk.
    Still Practice, & Practice till you have these new moves down. You should have a good amount of maybe 10 or so moves that you can do before you bother to go on.
    - Learn transitions. Its moves or combos that help you go one move to the next. If you don't learn to use these, you won't have good flow.
    - Practice doing combos. With the transitions & the moves you learned. Get use to mixing up the moves.
    One of the mistakes new cwalkers tend to make is they'd do a mover over and over then go onto a diferent move and do it over and over.
    Combos are much more entertaining and will make your walk look MUCH better.
    - Pick what kind of cwalker you are. By this step you most likely have a feel for cwalking and even your own style possibly.
    Rather Crip, Crown & Clown. Check the Cwalk Differences for further info on the types.
    By picking one you'll be able to develop it and know what you have to do to improve.
    But don't worry, if one doesn't work for you. You can always change and try a different one.
    - Try to do something different Style makes your walk worth watching. Thousands of people would learn from the same tutorials as you.
    So you need to take some time to define your own walk. Try to do something different that will make your walk stand out.
    I can't tell you what that is exactly, but you'll figure it our when you do the next step.
    - Make up your own moves. Take time to think and be creative. Work with a basic move and make it more complex and unique.
    Change it up so it doesn't look like the normal way people would do it.

    If you follow all those steps you should overall develop an impressive walk.
    Check out the rest of the tips. :]

    Basic Cwalk Tips
    -Don't do the the same moves over and over again. That's called being rep. & Makes for a horrible video.
    - Never shuffle toward the camera. Usually looks bad, but can be done right.
    - Speed<Style

    Entertainment/Style Tips
    -Create your own original moves to add wow to your walk. Don't copy other people's moves. Try developing moves into your own style.
    -Develop different Varies & Combos and change it up enough that you got style but aren't reptative.
    Props- Often added in cwalk videos to add wow. Its optional, but if you choose to do it be creative. Make one up & check youtube vids if its been done.
    Do something original because some props are overused and done with. Make yours very unique and memorable.
    Beatriding/ Lyricriding- To add extra entertainment, try to find a song with an unusual beat where you can do some impressive beatride.
    It'll make the video more memorable.
    Mix other styles of dance - This could be good if you do it right. People add breakdancing at times. But it can ruin your flow and make your cwalking look off,
    if you do too much of it.

    Clothing & Dress Tips
    - Make sure to pick the right shoes. Check the Cwalk Shoe Guide to for more information.
    - Wear sweats or other loose pants. Usually looks best when cwalking.
    - Never cwalk in socks, shortpants, skinnypants. Just doesn't look good.
    - Wear clothes that fit. Some guys tend to pull up their pants while they cwalk.
    At times its good because it keeps their hands busy when holding it up, and not flying around. But its bad when you sneak a peak o_o

    Technology/Technical Tips
    Camera Tips-
    - Always check your batteries if their charged or even in the camera before a cwalk run.
    You're wasting time & energy if you go for it when its not recording you.
    - Always check your memory. Whether its if the memory card is in, or if you actually have enough memory to record yourself for the full cwalking time.
    - Have a camera with good megapixels. Phones are not usually good enough. People have to be able to see your walk.
    - Place your camera so its somewhere you can see at least above your waist. Never cwalk too close to the camera.
    - Don't have it from a high angle. Sometimes it may cut off your feet.
    - Avoid long intros. If you don't get to cwalking early on, viewers might skip into the vid and miss something you did.
    -If its a special made intro, like crew intro. It shouldn't be longer than 10-15 seconds. Any more than that and you're pushing it.
    Cwalk Clip
    - Never cut up your vids in the middle of cwalking. It shows you lack flow. By preventing viewers from determining if you could keep flow.
    - Don't add too many effects that make your walk hard to see. Its like you're trying to make up for sloppyness in the vid.
    - Don't overdo effects on text. It becomes distracting.
    - Make it a good size. Big enough so that you can read it, but small enough so it doesn't get in the way of your cwalking.
    - Pick a legible font. We should be able to read it.

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