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    Beatriding/ Lyricriding


    Beatriding/ Lyricriding

    Post by LilTeK on Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:06 pm


    Beat riding is basically to follow the song for any type of dance, well in this situation c-walking.

    Beat riding is basically hitting the claps with a move like a step back or X or w/e, but it's basically following the song with your walk.

    Don't go too fast or don't go too slow for the song stay at the songs pace.

    And try to be creative with the beat.

    EXAMPLE: - Ceewok; Round & Round


    Lyrics riding is like beat riding but instead of the claps you listen to the words.

    Lyrics riding is basically following the artist's words like when they do a pause you can maybe pause on that part until they keep going.

    Lyric riding is very easy to be creative with;

    EXAMPLE: - Xplizit; She Got It

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