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    Definition of Style by HmongC


    Definition of Style by HmongC

    Post by LilTeK on Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:07 pm

    Style is how you walk!
    How you walk? Simple, it’s how you do your moves, variations, transitions, ect... that makes up your style. For instance, someone could do a V-Variation differently from others, that's what makes their style. You could do a V-Variation flat, or raise your heels and toes when you do it. Someone could do Heel Toes close up, or spread it farther apart. Also adding bounce, cwalking slower then most people, or just staying flat footed can make up style.

    People say they have problems getting a style. "How do I get a style?" or "My style is generic how do I develop it".
    -You start off with a style. It may be simple but it’s a start, and from there you develop it. Styles come to you, it should be with you all the time, you can’t lose your style as long as you cwalk. Your style can 'Change', but you can’t lose it.
    -Developing a style is basically practicing, as long as you practice your style is developing. Changing your style to something else that you want is when it gets hard. Pushing your style towards a different way means changing how you C-Walk. When you C-Walk you might notice that your Heel Toes don’t flow good with your walk. It doesn't mean that you suck at doing heel toes, it just means 'you have to change the way you do your Heel Toes'. No one can tell you how to do your moves. You should be the one to practice and do them how you want to.

    Now we go to the question of what the styles are.
    -There are many styles in cwalking. They're not just including Crip, Crown, and Clown, style can branch off from those.
    -Speed- Speed is considered a style, yes. A speed walker is a person who leans mainly towards speed. Basically you're cwalking fast. Not all speed walkers force their walk, practicing speed can make you used to it. A FORCED WALK IS NEVER GOOD!
    -Flat- Flat walkers are those who cwalk without jumps/bounces. Basically it's cwalking with your foots flat on the ground. Example: V-Steps that slide instead of getting picked up.
    -Laid back- Laid back walkers are those who don't use that much energy in their walk. NOTE: JUST BECAUSE SOMEONES A LAYED BACK WALKER DOESN'T MEAN THEY HAVE NO ENERGY! A laid back walker just doesn't use a lot of 'Speed' when they walk, it’s a slow steady paced walk with a nice flow. Smooth laid back walks are always nice. A laid back walker with energy can be when a person adds a stomp to a move or even body movement! BODY MOVEMENT IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO SHOW ENERGY! Crowners have a lot of energy due to body movement.
    -Bounce- Bounce walkers are those who have a jumpy walk.
    Now some people are always asking "HOW DO I BOUNCE?" well here’s a tutorial explaining how and what bounce is.
    1) Bending knees help bounce a lot easier. BENDING YOUR KNEES ONLY DOES NOT MAKE YOUR WALK BOUNCING, it's only a key to it. You can practice this by just stand in one spot and bounce on your knees up and down repeatedly.
    2) Next step is your ankles and heels. Ankles and heels are what mostly put the bounce in your walk, the knees are just to help it flow easier. Again you can practice this by standing in one spot and slowly bend your ankles up and down creating a bounce motion. Once you got that down switch to your heels and do the same. Heels work by moving your ankles up and down. After you got both down try them and bounce your knees at the same time.
    3) THE HOP! You can't bounce without a hop! Hopping is done by putting steps 1 and 2 together, but when doing it when you’re extending your knees back up and your ankle/heel up push off the ground so you put a little hop in it. Practice doing it in your cwalk until you get used to the hop.
    4) BOUNCE! Practice switching off each foot when bouncing. You shouldn't be bouncing on both feet at the same time, unless you’re doing a move that requires both feet to be used at the same time such ass an X-Hop, otherwise one foot should be doing the bouncing as the other is doing variations.
    -Crown- Speed doesn't make a crowner. Clowning slowly will not make you a crowner. In order to crown you must first learn what crowning is. Crowning is clowning and cripping mixed together, but crowning is not both styles together! CROWNING IS ITS OWN SEPERATE STYLE! What makes crowning good? Beat riding, Energy (body movements, extra energy in back steps, stomps, and ect.), Flow, and of course STYLE. I can not tell you what a crowning style is because I can’t really explain it... LOL. If you can not tell a crowning style, or know how to make a crowning style that just means YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO BE A CROWNER SO STOP TRYING! :]
    -Crip- Cripping is not a slow cwalk... Cripping is one of the most complex styles in cwalking, NO CRIPPING ISN'T ALL GANGSTERS. People can crip for fun just as how people clown for fun. As crowning is I can't explain what the style is, and if you don't understand it you're not meant to be a cripper.
    -CROWN/CRIP- A crown walk leaning more towards a crip style.
    -CROWN/CLOWN- A crown walk leaning more towards a clown style.
    -OTHER STYLES- These are not the only styles out there, there are people who actually take time to create their own styles.
    QUESTIONS!!!! -as you can see I’m a lazy ass and don't want to explain to you how to do every style, I only explained bounce. But if you are wondering how to do a style (THAT'S NOT CROWNING OR CRIPPING) then just ask me and I’ll see what I can do.

    When it comes to style it's all about opinion. It's a matter of what the person likes. There is no best style in cwalking. Don't worry about haters, keep your style! If it fits you then flow with it, people can't make you who you are.
    -HmongC aka Lil Eazy

    Yes, this was written all by me. If you don't think its right well then you tell me what it is. I basically practice all the styles I can and do all of them, if you think I’m wrong about something then prove me wrong and I’ll fix it. Otherwise haters gtfo. This thread is meant to help people who question about style or need help on the topic of style!

    Speed doesn't make your whole walk! Even though it is a style, forcing a sped walk doesn't make you pro, variations/transitions/flow/entertainment make you pro!
    And this goes for all the other styles too.


    In my opinion the best all-time walker who has truely defined style


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