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    Rules for Call-outs


    Rules for Call-outs Empty Rules for Call-outs

    Post by Authenntikk on Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:28 am

    Rules for Call-outs
    So I decided to add some rules to call-outs to keep everything clean and such.

    - You may only call-out one person at a time, so don't call out another person unless the person you had called out hasn't replied within a week

    - This is not a dicussion forum, it is a call-out forum so please refrain from having dicussions here unless it conerns the battle. If the perosn called-out has alreayd replied and your dicusison has ended over a day, your topic will be clsoed to prevent spam.

    - You must respect, who is calling you out or the person you are calling out.

    And that's it for the rules, for now.

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