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    Post by toe&knee on Fri May 01, 2009 12:34 am

    Yo guys, i just had an idea earlier about the different name ranks for members.

    I think there should be a rank called "Potential" or something, and tht can be given to ppl who are active and decent at cwalking - but they hav only just stared cwalking for like less then 3months or something and they post up a vid and if they hav potential then they can be tht status, and also like a status call "Underated" like that can be for like people who are good, but as good and are underated, and then once they get better than can go onto "Rated" or something. just an idea.


    edit: and maybe some new status bars, the current ones look a bit rough and like "unclear", the ones on pmw look real nice. i could help design something if u guys want.

    ps. i hope im not coming on like the "know it all" guy, yeh i am just a noob cwalker, but i like to help Smile Smile

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