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    Rules for Members


    Rules for Members Empty Rules for Members

    Post by LilTeK on Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:12 pm

    Members, for ProdigyCwalk to function properly, you must follow a set of rules.

    1) No Flame-This is important, never insult another member! Do not respond to harassment from another, and simply tell a moderator, as they will come and warn or possibly ban this member. This is vital, so please abide by this.

    2) Don't Spam-Do not post a reply or thread multiple times, do not write useless replies, or reply somewhere where you should not, and make sure your replies are relevant to the topic.

    3) No Inappropriateness-No material(Usually signatures, girls in bikinis, etc, is alright) relating to pornography, drugs, or alcohol will be tolerated, and topics with these themes will be deleted at staffs discretion, followed by a ban or warn.

    4) No Racial Attacks-Explains itself.

    5) No Multiple Account Creating-Creating another account, or posing as someone else for personal gain or to participate in tournaments is unacceptable.

    6) No Advertisements-Advertisement threads are not allowed, allowed in signatures.

    Additional things YOU should do as a member of this website

    -Try to be as active as possible, but remember, your posts should be quality over quantity!

    -Try to vote on battles, as many of you know, they tend to go by slowly, and voting would be a great help to others

    -Help lost members find there way

    -Remember, you were new once too! Give aid to those who post there questions, and help them.

    -Posting of very personal information is not recommended.


    -ProdigyCwalk Staff

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